Barnett Crossbows Jackal A Cross between a Rifle and a Bow

Barnett Crossbows Jackal

The Barnett Crossbows Jackal is another Barnett innovative hunting equipment, with an easily assembled package, including a quick-detach quiver, bolts and a premium red dot sight. It has an appearance and mechanism that is worth a boast. A rifle resemblance is manifested in its military-style stock.


The quiver of the Barnett Crossbows Jackal makes bolt organization easy for users while the easy to use red dot sight increases accuracy and target hitting chances. An easy crossbow organization is vital for mobile users in fast moving target stalking.

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Barnett Crossbows Jackal


The Barnett Crossbows Jackal displays an accuracy and power increase brought about by its high energy wheels and synthetic string and cable system. The essentiality of Barnett Crossbows Jackal power is apparent in long range target hitting. Its 150 pound draw weight enables bolt shooting at a 315’ per second speed.

Foot Stirrup

The AVI foot stirrup of the Barnett Crossbows Jackal diminishes arrow and bolt drawing difficulty for novice users. It also accounts for hand pressure ease that prevents strain injury during arrow drawing.


Stalking, at the same time keeping yourself unnoticed by your prey, is an essential hunting routine. A good camouflage spells success in target hitting. The high-definition colour and next G1 design of the Barnett Crossbows Jackal camouflage affords easy blending while in the woods or forested areas, giving you an invisible appearance while prey hunting.


The crossbow trigger is another feature of outmost importance as a slight pulling delay can cause target loss. The Barnett Crossbows Jackal, with its 3.5 pound trigger pull, allows an immediate bolt launch towards a target.

Lightweight Design

The sport of animal hunting is both an enjoyable recreation and a physically straining exercise. The lightweight design of the Barnett Crossbows Jackal gives you a comfortable hunting experience, as you can focus on target aiming without body strain. It enhances user mobility and target hitting success.

Barnett Crossbows Jackal – About Crossbows

A crossbow is a weapon, which consists of a bow mounted on a stick, i.e., tiller or stock, that shoots projectiles, i.e., bolts or quarrels. Barnett Crossbows Jackal looks like a cross between a bow and a rifle. It uses a fast-moving string to launch projectiles, like a bow. It has a trigger and a stock, like a rifle.



Archery was a time honoured skill taken up and practiced for survival, for thousands of years. Before the gun and gun powder age, highly trained archers protected towns, cities and villages by crossbow usage as fierce weapons in war campaigns. These archers started bow shooting training at a young age. Upon basic skill mastery, they were ready for advanced crossbow weapon handling. The crossbow was designed for fast and accurate target aiming from the beginning example of this is Barnett Crossbows Jackal. These heavy ancient crossbows called for muscle strength as a prerequisite for steady holding and straight shooting.

Barnett Crossbows Jackal – Energy Amount

The two factors for the determination of the energy amount that a bow can hold are the draw weight and the draw length of the Barnett Crossbows Jackal. The draw weight is the force amount required for bow drawing. This increases the farther back you pull the string. The draw length is the distance from the position of the bowstring at rest and its position when drawn. The total energy amount that a bow can hold is approximately equal to its draw weight multiplied by its draw length, divided by 2. The overall strength of a bow of Barnett Crossbows Jackal depends on how hard you pull the string and how far back you pull it. This strength is measured in foot pounds or joules for the bow energy and in feet or meters per second for the arrow velocity.

There are 3 factors that affect the draw weight and draw length of a bow, which results to a change in arrow velocity, i.e., the size, shape and composition of the bow.


Long bows in the Barnett Crossbows Jackal are more powerful than short bows. Larger crossbows aimed from the shoulder are more powerful than smaller, handheld crossbows.


The bow shape causes the bow to apply additional spring force to the string. Recurve bows curve away from the user at each limb end. These curves shorten the bracing height, the distance between the string and the bow at rest, i.e., the string travels farther, before coming to a stop. Arrow release gives extra arrow momentum. Most modern crossbows have strong and flexible fibreglass limbs, with the recurve shape.


The density and tensile strength of the bow in the Barnett Crossbows Jackal determines how much energy it can hold and how well it can return to its original shape after shooting. Many modern bows are composite bows, using different materials for different bow parts, resulting to some flexible parts and other more rigid parts.

More effort exerted in bow drawing results to more energy transferred to the arrow. Compound bows use pulleys to help users exert more bow effort with less physical energy. These pulleys hold part or most of the draw weight of the bow, when it is fully drawn. This is referred to as a let-off, which allows the user to hold and aim the drawn bow with less strain or fatigue.Try Barnett Crossbows Jackal now!

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